Project description

Project description

The Project started on September 1, 2017 and was registered by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine on October 23, 2017 under № 3689.

The Project is implemented by international consortium led by WYG Consulting Ltd (Croatia) in partnership with Deloitte & Touche LLC (Ukraine), NGO Center for Effective Legislation (Ukraine), COMPER Fornalczyk I WS sp.j (Poland) and Crown Agents (United Kingdom).

Beneficiary of the Project is the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU), which performs functions of State aid control body in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On State Aid to Undertakings” (LSA). The Project also interacts with grantors, both at the central and local levels, as well as with the media, NGOs, legal entities and undertakings.

Aim of the Project:

Support of institutionalization and development of an effective State aid control and monitoring system in Ukraine in accordance with requirements of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU

Goals of the Project

  • Modernize State aid control and monitoring system, including through legislative, operational and organizational improvements
  • Assist in implementation of State aid rules in line with EU standards

Expected results of the Project in general

  • Modernized legislative, regulatory, procedural and infrastructural bases of State aid control system of Ukraine
  • Strengthening AMCU’s administrative capacity to implement and enforce Law on State aid
  • AMCU performs its duties promptly and functionally in accordance with current legislation
  • Full transparency of State aid

By components:

Component 1: Support for institutionalization of effective State aid control system in Ukraine

  • Methodology and analysis of existing State aid control system, which will also include section with recommendations
  • Implementation plan for modernization of control system and State aid granting, which was discussed and agreed with AMCU
  • Stage of implementation of Plan for modernization of the State aid control system both in organization exercising control of State aid and in the organizations granting it
  • Specification and technical requirements of integrated IT environment for State aid control system in Ukraine, for use in State aid control organization and in granting organizations
  • Detailed report with technical Annexes on the results of implementation phase

Component 2: Supporting work of AMCU on specific State aid cases assessment

  • Study of general scope, content and basic principles of secondary legislation required for implementation of the Law on State Aid
  • Development or modification of rules on State aid granting
  • Application of main relevant EU legislation on State aid
  • Quarter or annual work plans on case support
  • Annual reports containing details of the cases considered, indicating experience gained and recommendations for updating State aid control system

Components 3 and 4: Institutional capacity, popularization and promotion of the Project

  • Methodology of functional analysis (organizational and functional) of public authorities responsible for State aid (including monitoring and reporting units at various levels of government), as well as recommendations for improvement
  • Functional review of institutional capacity of state bodies responsible for State aid to fulfill their legal obligations at central and regional levels, including recommendations for improvement
  • Training and study visits
  • Communications and Project promotion plan
  • Workshops, meetings, conferences, handouts, etc.